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Online COVID 19 Rental Counseling (New Jersey Only)

Renters can receive full budget and credit counseling with a credit review to make any transitions easier, landlord advocate/eviction diversion services, or relocation services if necessary

COVID 19 and your Rent

COVID 19 and your rent. Here are the latest FACTS and what we are telling our rental clients to do.

We continue to tell our clients that if they have been laid off or have reduced hours due to Corona virus, they should CALL their LANDLORD.  They should tell their landlord their income situation and let them know the rent will be late.  Your landlord CANNOT EVICT YOU.

NJ Declares a State of Emergency

With the new FEMA Emergency Declaration:  New Jersey Covid-19 Pandemic (DR-4488), additional Federal Disaster funds will be made available to the state and this move COULD include funds to help Renters. 

We do NOT offer rental payment assistance, HOWEVER:

We are working with the National Low Income Housing Coalition to advocate for Rent Assistance.  


We suspect like most tenants that you are already paying $1,500 per month. Then you get laid off, like scores of other workers right now. OK  you’re protected from eviction for the next six months, or as long as this pandemic continues. 

But then what? Will you be forced to pay $9,000 in back rent? (For context, 6 in 10 Americans don’t even have $500 in savings.)

Under almost all the proposals being discussed, tenants will still be responsible for all the rent they cannot pay during the crisis—they’ll have massive rent debt. This will ultimately just delay huge numbers of evictions until a few months after the state of emergency is officially declared to be over .

We are advocating for Rental Assistance for all those affected by the COVID 19 Pandemic

Renter Action Plan


All COVID 19 Renters should do the following immediately:

  1. Call your Landlord – Tell them that you will not able to pay
  2. Call all of your Creditors – Each may offer suspension of payment
  3. Call all of your utility Providers - Each may offer suspension of payment

Prepare for Rental Counseling:

  1. Complete Intake Form - download below
  2. Complete Budget Form - Download Below
  3. Complete Third Party Authorization (if necessary)

Prepare for the possibility of having to relocate:

  1. Improve Credit – Follow individualized Credit Action Plan from CCBC (This is a FREE Service for NJ Renters)
  2. Relocation Assistance available.

Prepare for the possibility of having to make up the missed rent

  1. Save funds from Stimulus check
  2. Save funds from Enhanced (+$600) Unemployment Check
  3. Landlord Diversion/Eviction is available

Prepare for the possibility of Getting Rental Assistance

  1. Check for latest updates
  2. Listen to the local news for updates

Consumer Credit and Budget Counseling will:

  1. CCBC will keep you updated on options and assistance available
  2. CCBC will provide FICO credit scores
  3. CCBC will provide a personalized Action Plan advising you of the steps to take to improve your credit
  4. CCBC will analyze your budget
  5. CCBC will provide Landlord Diversion/Eviction (if necessary)
  6. CCBC will provide relocation assistance (if necessary)

Get Help Today - NJ only

There are two way to get prepared and get AHEAD of this pandemic and receive FREE  counseling from Consumer Credit and Budget Counseling:

  1. Use the online intake form below.  It will take you about 20 minutes to complete, the form is SAFE AND ENCRYPTED. 
  2. Download and print the PDF's forms below,  then email them back to, or fax to: 888-738-8233.

Within 72 hours you will receive:

  1. Your Credit Score
  2. A Personalized Action Plan to improve your score
  3. A Budget Analysis comparing your budget guidelines.
  4. You will be put on our COVID 19 update email list to get notified when monetary rental assistance is available. 
  5. Eligible for Landlord/Eviction diversion
  6. Eligible for Relocation Assistance

online Intake NJ Only

Intake forms & Tenants Rights

Complete both forms below for FREE rental counseling including Credit Score Review and Action Plan to improve your credit .
Fax to 888-738-8234 or email  us at 

Rental Housing Counseling Intake (pdf)


e-mail fill in budget (pdf)


tenantsrights (pdf)


Rental Counseling Services

Credit & Budget Counseling

Credit & Budget Counseling

Credit & Budget Counseling

Counselor doing budget and credot counseling

Increase your income and reduce your expenses  and get your credit under control with Budget And Credit Counseling.

Credit Report Review

Credit & Budget Counseling

Credit & Budget Counseling

Review your credit report

Get your credit report in shape prior to finding a new apartment

Eviction Diversion

Relocation Assistance

Relocation Assistance

Having truble with your landlord? You may need an advocate.

Are you having trouble with your landlord? Are they threatening eviction, ask us for help

Relocation Assistance

Relocation Assistance

Relocation Assistance

Relocation Assistance

Looking for a new place?  We will help you look for a new apartment