Loan Modification

For the last 15 years Consumer Credit and Budget Counseling has been a leading housing counseling agency, currently providing over 10% of all foreclosure counseling and housing grant assistance in the state of New Jersey. We have assisted over 1,000 clients and we are here to help you. We have the experience and talent

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No Cost Foreclosure Assistance Service

Reduce your total credit card payments by up to 30% to 50%

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  • 1 Your Credit Card Bills are rolled into one monthly payment
  • 2 Reduce your interest rates and stop late fees
  • 3 Rebuild your Credit

Foreclosure GrantsHomeKeeper

NJ HomeKeeper Grant is a Hardest Hit Grants developed for NJ HomeOwners facing foreclosure. HomeSaver provides up to $48,000 assistance:

To be eligible, homeowners must be, through no fault of their own, in danger of foreclosure due to recent unemployment, loss of/reduction in income or other demonstrated financial hardships including medical, divorce, disability, or death. Homeowners must have experienced a loss of/reduction in income of at least 15%.

HomeKeeper will:
- Eliminate your Delinquency
- Pay up to 12 Months of your Mortgage Payments

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Mortgage Delinquency and Foreclosure Prevention Counseling & GRANTS

Is you house "underwater"? (worth less than what you owe)
Did you loose work or hours because of Sandy?
Did you get laid off or collect unemployment?
Has your income been reduced?
Are you having trouble making your mort age payment?

There are grants and programs available to you that can:
- Reduce your mortgage payment!
- Have principal reduced by up to $50,000!
- Eliminate your delinquency!
- Bring you current!
- Eliminate mortgage payments for 6 months!
- Pay your mortgage for up to 18 months!
- Reduce your interest rate!

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Grants Available

Download the intake forms and grant applications here:

Intake Package:Intake Package

Documents Required:

1. Valid Government ID's
2. Two Years of Signed Federal Tax Returns with W-2's 3. Proof of Income:
---- Paystubs (Minimum of 30 days)
---- Profit & Loss (Year to Date and Prior Year) (If Self Employed)
---- Award Letter (SSI, Pension or Disability)
4. Bank Statements – 60 Days (ALL Pages, ALL Accounts)
5. Recent Mortgage Statement

HAMP and In-House Modifications

Consumer Credit has helped over 1,000 applicants avoid Foreclosure at
NO COST to the applicant!
We can help you too

A HAMP modification is a government guided modification that will provide payment relief using three tools:
- Reduce interest rate
- Extend the term up to 40 years
-Defer, without interest, a portion of the principal balance.
Loans have to be backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac to qualify for a HAMP modification.

If you have a non-government loan, many banks offer an in-house modification similar to the HAMP. They may be better or worse than a HAMP modification, because they MAY have more flexibility.

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