Mortgage Options for Laid Off NJ Casino Employees: Do you how you will be able to make your next mortgage payment?

There are Mortgage Unemployment Programs that will suspend your monthly payment for up to 12 months! In Addition there are GRANT programs for mortgage assistance.

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Consumer Credit and Budget Counseling was a proud participant in the Unite Here Local 54 resource events for the laid off workers of the Revel, the Showboat and the Trump Plaza and has committed to helping the laid off workers with their mortgages. 

Consumer Credit and Budget Counseling was at the event in force offering assistance to homeowners that are unemployed due to the layoff under the National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling (NFMC) Program. 

We have contacted all the major servicers and reviewed with them their unemployment program(s).  We found that most all of them have a program that they may be able to offer that will suspend mortgage payments for up to 12 months, (all are on a case by case basis). 

We can do the same for you!

In addition, New Jersey has programs that are specially designed for unemployed workers and will have more coming. Let CCBC be your light at the end of the tunnel!

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We will fight for you to get your mortgage payment suspended while you are looking for work. 

If accepted into the mortgage servicer’s program, you will not have to worry about late fees or foreclosure notices:

Get help now; there are options when you have been laid off from a NJ Casino, our counselors will help you set up a modification plan that can suspend your mortgage payment for up to 12 months.


Grants Available

NJ HomeSaver Grant is just one of the second generation Hardest Hit Grants developed for NJ HomeOwners facing foreclosure. HomeSaver provides up to $50,000 assistance:

You may be a good candidate for this program if you are a homeowner who:

- Has severe negative equity*
- Has or will be facing a significantly higher mortgage payment (due to a rate increase)
- Has suffered a financial hardship (such as unemployment or a severe loss of income through no fault of your own) that has caused or will cause you to fall behind on your mortgage payment**
*Severe negative equity is defined as a first mortgage loan-to-value ("LTV") ratio that is 115% or greater.
**You do not need to be presently behind on your mortgage payments to be eligible for the HomeSaver Program. 

Download the intake forms and grant applications here:

Intake Form:Intake Package

NJ HomeSaver: HomeSaver Application

Mortgage Options for Unemployed Homeowners:

  1. Mortgage Unemployment Program 

Under the Mortgage Unemployment Program payments are suspended for up to one year while you look for work.  You may be required to make a partial payment, not to exceed 31 percent of income including any unemployment benefit.  When you find work, you should be evaluated for a modification based on your new household income.

  1. Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP®).

If a spouse or someone else in the household is working, a HAMP® modification may be a good choice as it is designed to provide deep and meaningful savings for homeowners devastated by unaffordable increases in expenses or reductions in income. 

  1. In-House Modification

If you are ineligible for HAMP®, ask about alternative options that may be suitable for you. Most servicers have HAMP-like programs that reduce your payments by reducing rates and lengthening terms.   

  1. Forbearance

Similar to the Unemployment Program, forbearance is a special agreement between the lender and borrower to temporarily postpone or reduce payments. 

These options may be available to you on your own by asking your mortgage servicer, but history proves that homeowners that work with housing experts like Consumer Credit and Budget Counseling are more successful and have better long-term outcomes. 

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