Credit Counseling is financial education, budgeting assistance and debt counseling. Consumer Credit and Budget Counseling d/b/a National Foundation for Debt Management (CCBC NFDM) will review your whole financial situation including both your budget and your debt and will educate you on the merits of the options available to you. One of those "options" may be a Debt Management Program.

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  • 1 Your Credit Card Bills are rolled into one monthly payment

  • 2 Reduce your interest rates and stop late fees

  • 3 Rebuild your Credit

Cut Your Debts!

CCBC NFDM offers a Debt Management Program as part of our educational and financial assistance programs. In a Debt Management Program CCBC NFDM will arrange for your creditors to accept lower payment and reduce your interest rates. creditors may "re-age" (bring current) your account and will report it to the credit reporting agencies as current.

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Balance Your Budget!

Having trouble balancing your budget?

Your Certified Credit Counselor will review your budget to see if a Debt Management Plan (DMP) is the right choice for you. A DMP is a consolidation that will help balance your budget by lowering your monthly payment. That payment is fixed making the budget easier to plan for.



A Debt Management Program is not for everyone. It is a HARDSHIP program and may negatively affect your credit report. Creditors may report that an account is in financial counseling. While this reporting does not affect on your credit score, it will limit your ability to obtain additional credit while in a program. Also, the program does NOT erase reported history on your credit report if it is correct and most creditors will close your account upon acceptance on their program.

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